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feedpods next-generation nutrition delivery

Working with animal caregivers globally providing remote controlled robotic feeding systems and UltimateAnimal™ cloud feed management platform

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 from humans to animals by practicing safe social distancing with remote feeding, monitoring and care

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Over 1 million feedings annually

In operation in over 20 countries

Around the clock customer support

Technology Development

The feedpods team will arrange a FREE over the phone no obligation consultation to assess your needs and develop custom technology solutions, Our Application Programming Interface (API) can integrate with third party applications so you are only limited by your imagination

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Animal Care Professionals are moving to a 24hr feeding and animal care schedule with feedpods™

Animal Care Professionals use our robotic feeders to schedule feeding to animals during the day and especially at night when there is limited visibility which presents safety issues for personnel.

We help facilitate nutrition delivery worldwide
From our UltimateAnimal platform customers can see:
When the animals are getting fed (exact time and date)
How much they are getting fed (in real-time)
The environmental conditions they are exposed to (temperature, location and other sensor data)


"The feedpods team have been fantastic, the technology has proved a game changer in how we go about our animal feeding, data logging, research studies and reporting as well as a host of other benefits, all this results in contributing to the overall animal health and wellbeing of the animals in our care"


feedpods and our UltimateAnimal™ platform have shown to have a return on investment (ROI) in as little as 3 months and provide a continuous annual saving thereafter

  • 30% increase in productivity30%
  • 35% increase in animal activity & foraging35%
  • Global Wireless Connectivity100%
  • 10% reduction in stereotypical behaviour10%
  • Connected IoT Cloud Platform100%

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