Now Live: Artificial Intelligence in animal care and feeding.

🐻 Exciting Update: Revolutionizing Animal Feeding with our Cloud-Based Innovation! 🌟
At Feedpods Interactive, we’re proud to introduce our cutting-edge cloud-based feeding solution for animal habitats. 🌿 Our robotic feeders with AI, are now taking animal care to the next level. πŸ€–
🌍 Designed to encourage natural foraging behaviors, our system is a game-changer for farms, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries worldwide. 🍽️ Multiple robotic Feedpods are strategically placed throughout the habitat, providing a seamless and enriching feeding experience for these incredible creatures.
πŸ”₯ But that’s not all! Here’s why you should consider joining our 200+ Tier 1 customers already benefiting from our cloud system:
πŸ“Š Remote Asset Control: Manage physical park assets from anywhere in the world, ensuring the well-being of your animals and operational efficiency.
πŸ“ˆ Global Reach: With a strong customer base spanning the globe, you’ll be in good company, as part of an international community committed to superior animal care.
πŸ“š Key Features: Our system offers an array of benefits, including automated record-keeping, autonomous feeding driven by artificial intelligence, and much more.
Join us in transforming wildlife care and conservation with state-of-the-art technology. Connect with us to learn how Feedpods Interactive can take your farm, zoo or sanctuary to new heights in animal welfare.
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Artificial Intelligence in animal care and feeding