Zoo Guest Experience Technology

Are you ready to transform the way you oversee your zoo or animal habitats using IoT technology? Look no further!

Introducing our cutting-edge cloud-based IoT platform, meticulously crafted to empower your farm, wildlife sanctuary, or zoo. It offers a dependable and scalable solution for managing physical assets throughout your park or multiple locations. Trusted by over 200 Tier 1 customers across the globe, from Dublin to Dallas, our solar-powered IoT hardware devices, cloud-based management system, and data acquisition platform have consistently demonstrated their value in animal care and operational management.

We offer a self-hosted, fully customizable solution, ensuring you remain in control. With our platform, you gain the ability to effortlessly enhance and elevate the visitor experience. Activate bioacoustic sounds, control water features, and closely monitor activities across your parks. Additionally, you can set both scheduled and random timers, offering unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

What’s even more impressive is our technology’s ability to enhance guest engagement. By strategically placing cue devices under viewing windows, it extends guest stays in the park, increasing dwell time. This not only enriches their overall experience but also translates to heightened spending in your gift shops and restaurants.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by to elevate your park management with our IoT platform. Schedule a call with our team today!


feedpods technology for viewing window guest experience at zoos or safari parks
feedpods technology for guest experience at zoos, safari parks and aquariums.